Armenia has become an important destination for those looking for “extreme” adventures such as ziplining. Our zipline, built by a reputable team of specialists from Yerevan Zipline Airlines (operator of the fastest zipline in Armenia), is one of the most beatiful and safest in the country. The length of one flight is 280m and the returning leg is 220m, with maximum height of more than 150m in both directions.

While gliding, visitors will have the opportunity to observe the ruins of the Tchgnavor medieval fortress - officially recognized by the government of Armenia as a cultural heritage monument - as well as the ancient caves nearby.

The zipline park is ideally suited not only for an exhilarating zipline ride, but also for rock climbing at the edge of a cliff, as well as horseback riding, camping, and fishing inside the canyon on the banks of the Amberd river.


Zipline Package

Zipline operation hours are 11am-7pm (except closed for pre-announced private parties), there are no age/weight limitations. Zipline users may also visit the wine cube and use the tennis court in case of availability.

Price: 8.000/pp or 20.000/all day. Monthly user rates apply, call 09ZIPWINE (099-479463) for details.