In 2017, we founded the Voskehat Vineyards, which produced and marketed unique brands of Vanand red and white wines (www.vanandwines.com).

  • Vanand White is a harmonious full taste wine with pleasant acidity. It is made purely from Voskehat grape variety. Voskehat (Kharji) has been cultivated in Armenia for many thousands of years. Voskehat often referred to as “Queen of Armenian grapes”.
  • Vanand Red is velvety, rich in tannins, full taste wine made from Areni, Kakhet and Haghtanak grapes. These grapes produce rich, dense, and beautifully structured wines.

​​Byurakan ZipWine is the ultimate tourist destination in the village of Byurakan, situated 21 miles away from Yerevan city, near the beautiful Amberd river canyon.

The eco-village offers a wine tasting facility - the Wine Cube - with a bar and wine sampling reception, zip-line park, tennis court, outdoor rest/dining areas with an eternity pool and sauna, and two modern-style cottages for accommodations. The site provides exceptional opportunities and experiences for visitors with an active lifestyle in mind, including sports and hiking activities, rock-climbing, horseback riding, fishing, and more! Visit us and see for yourself!

We are located in the middle of the second most important wine cluster road in Armenia, the Aragatsotn region. It is also the closest to the capital city of Yerevan. Visitors will be able to sample some of the best local varietals, including Haghtanak, Kakhet, Areni, Voskehat, Muscat, to name a few. Most of the established producers of these wines, including the Voskevaz, Van Ardi, ArmAs, and Armenia Wine, are within 10-mile radius from our location.

All this, plus fine food from the Wine Cube menu, while enjoying active leisure time and sports activities with magnificent views of Amberd river canyon in the background!