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Aragatsotn Region is the second region in Armenia after Vayots Dzor, famous for its wine making traditions. The village of Byurakan is mostly recognized for it's astrophysical observatory after Viktor Hambartsumyan, founded in 1946, as well as many historical and archeological sites.

The Area has rich sightseeing capacity, with visitors getting authentic experience that includes fine wine sampling, along with natural and cultural components.

Among different historical and archeological sites in Byurakan and adjacent communities are:

  • Artavazik church in Byurakan (7th century),
  • Saint-Hovhannes church in Byurakan (10th century) 
  • Amberd fortress (10th century)
  • Aruch cathedral, the 'sister' of Ani’s cathedral
  • Royal Temple in Aghdzgq village
  • Dashtadem fortress (10th to 19th centuries)